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7 Quick Organizing Tricks You'll Actually Want To Try

One little change can make your life just a little better!

1. Go through your liquor cabinet and get rid of every bottle that has less than 2 ounces of booze left.

2. Go through your purse and do the same thing: toss the trash.

3. Set up an "action" box or basket to help you keep track of bills and other paperwork.

4. Spend half an hour prepping a few gourmet instant noodle cups to eat for lunch throughout the week.

5. Take half an hour to delete and reorganize things on your phone so it stops telling you that your storage is almost full.

6. Choose one kind of accessory in your closet — be it tights, scarves, necklaces, or something else — and put your collection in order.

7. If you're constantly losing your keys, put together a key-drop station right by your door.

You can use whatever works for you — hooks, a dish, magnets, or something else. Get the tutorial to make the Lego hooks here, and the mint green key catcher here.

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