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    31 Little Things You've Probably Forgotten You Need To Clean

    *Pins* *Grabs the cleaning wipes*

    1. Wipe down light switches, lamp switches, cabinet handles, fridge handles, and door knobs with some sort of sanitizing agent, like Lysol or a disinfectant wipe.

    2. Microwave a bowl of lemon water then wipe down the inside of your microwave.

    3. Scrub down the part of faucets in your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room where the water comes out.

    4. Take a toothbrush or other small cleaning tool to the underside of your garbage disposal splash guard.

    5. Dust the tops of all of your kitchen cabinets and any other furniture that almost reaches the ceiling, then lay down a layer of wax paper to prevent future dust.

    6. Rub down your phone with an alcohol and bottled water solution.

    7. Wipe down your earbuds with rubbing alcohol, and dislodge any stuck earwax with a Q-Tip and toothbrush.

    8. Soak your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide (rinsing well afterward, of course), especially after you've been sick.

    9. Run all toothbrush cups through the dishwasher while your toothbrush soaks well.

    10. Wipe and/or scrub the tops of your soap dispensers, which will gradually gather grime as they're used.

    11. Launder all of the hand towels in your house every couple of days, and occasionally brighten them with a special two-part wash.

    12. Regularly launder all of the pillows that you drool on overnight, every night.

    13. Wash your pillowcases at least as often as your sheets, if not even more often.

    14. Wipe down the table next to your bed at least once a week.

    15. The bottom of your purse or bag, plus whatever spot you regularly set it down in.

    16. Clear the dust, cobwebs, and general fuzz from your window screens and screen doors using a lint roller.

    17. Dust every individual blind on your window treatments, using this handy tongs trick to make it go quickly.

    18. Lay a paper towel soaked in a vinegar-water dilution over the spot between your bathroom and kitchen faucets and the wall, as well as in the space between the handles.

    19. Squirt cleaning solution on and scrub the bottom part of your toilet bowl.

    20. Take a few products to make sure your laptop isn't greasy anymore, and that it's not infected with any illnesses you may have had recently.

    21. Deep-clean your mechanical keyboard using the following detailed technique, taking the keys off every few cleans.

    22. Wipe down your mouse and other computer peripherals you're always touching.

    23. Toss your kids' Legos in the washing machine (enclosed in a mesh bag).

    24. And you can clean other plastic toys in the dishwasher.

    25. Sanitize the remote key fob for your car, and the other keys on your keychain.

    26. And while you're at it, your TV's remote (including all of your other remotes and game controllers) needs to be sanitized, too.

    27. Wash or vacuum your doormat, because so many people's dirty shoes touch them daily.

    28. Rinse off all the dust on your window AC's small filter.

    29. Run your pet's toys through either the dishwasher or the washer, depending on what kind of toys they are.

    30. Dump out your purse, toss out all of the trash and junk, and wipe down everything* inside with a cleaning wipe or rubbing alcohol.

    31. Kill all the germs lurking on your dinner table's salt and pepper shakers.

    Oh, and, hey — if you're not so hot on disposable cleaning wipes (for waste or other reasons), you can try making your own.