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How Often Do You Think You Should Wash Your Jeans?

Be honest. It's for science.

Blue jeans: They make everyone look like these people.

Just kidding, duh. But you probably own at least one pair.

And you probably wear them pretty regularly for regular stuff, like sitting on a flight of stairs looking adorable.

But do you wash your jeans after every day you spend posing against a seamless background?*

H&M / Instagram

*By "posing," I really mean "going to class, sitting at work, driving around, cooking dinner, and maybe being a parent."

Or will you wear them for a few days in a row, especially if you're on a somewhat unsafe-looking road trip?

American Eagle / Instagram

Translation: How smelly will you let them get before you toss ’em in the washer?

Or are you one of the rebels who will NEVER wash your favorite pair no matter how much you wear them?

BuzzFeed / Via
  1. Be real: How often do you actually wash your jeans?

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Be real: How often do you actually wash your jeans?
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    After every wear, without exception. The rest of you are gross.
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    After I've worn them two or three times.
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    Whenever they start to smell a little bit — it all depends on what I've been doing in them, and how much I've sweated in them.
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    Once a week or every other week — whenever I do laundry.
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    Only when I've dropped food on them, accidentally sat in some mud, or gotten some other gross thing on them.
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    I don't wash my jeans at all.
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    Something else — I'll explain in the comments.