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Here's How To Actually Make A Gorgeous Flower Crown

Because you need more flower crowns in your life.

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Summer's in full swing, and along with that comes the 4th of July, festivals — and flower crowns.

Whether it's an outdoor wedding...

...or any old Saturday...

💐🐈 can find flower crowns just about everywhere.

1. Pick out your flowers.

Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

Choose a mix of large and small ones, and make sure to pick up some un-flowered greenery too. If your flowers have lots of individual leaves on the stems near the bloom, you'll need to trim those leaves off.

To make your flower crown last as long as possible: Trim about an inch off the bottom of each flower then put them in a vase of water for at least an hour, adding flower food if they came with it. That way, the blooms are well hydrated before you begin building your crown.

3. Pick out a few flexible pieces of your un-flowered greenery, and use short lengths of wire to secure it to the wire base.

Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

Suddenly it's a circle of greenery instead of a circle of floral wire. This will be the base for your fabulous creation.


5. Secure the flower to the greenery base by wrapping a spiral of floral wire around the stem.

If you have more than a ½ inch of stem, you may need to secure the flower with wire both at the base of the bloom and at the end of the stem. Make sure the ends of your wire aren't pointing to the inside of the circle. Otherwise, they'll poke your scalp when you put the crown on.

Special thanks to Jeremy Mazur for help with original photos.


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