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17 Gifts For Anyone Who Loves Baking Cakes

You might get the best thank-you gift ever out of it: cake.

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1. A shiny copper baking set that includes all the basic prep tools you could ever need.

The gift set includes three mixing bowls, a set of measuring cups, a whisk, and measuring spoons — it's almost $30 cheaper to buy the set than to get everything individually. Get it for $87.97 here.

2. A potholder set emblazoned with the best motto on the planet: Eat cake for breakfast.,,

Get it for $35 at Kate Spade. They have other items in their cake-for-breakfast line, too, like this $20 coffee mug, and this $30 apron that has handy measurement conversions printed on the bottom hem.

3. A rotating cake stand that makes frosting a cake 10 times easier, with a set of cake circles to go with it.

Putting the cake circle underneath the cakes helps make it easier to move the cake to a fancy serving platter, if they want to. Get the cake circles here, $4.99, and the cake stand here, $17.25.

This particular cake stand is great for regular two-layer cakes; if they have a tendency to bake anything bigger, consider a pricier but more durable stand like this one.


6. A plush cake decorating set to keep on their desk at their boring office job.

Some people have desk-sized golf courses or zen gardens; other people have desk-sized felt cakes (it's five inches in diameter). Get it here for $36.


8. Everything they need to get started with fondant decorating: a 10-piece tool set, an adjustable roller, a how-to book, and a tub of the stuff.,,,

(Click or tap the image above to expand and see photos of everything.)

You can mix and match the set based on your budget, their skill level, and what they already have in their collection. Get the tool set for $15.99 at Target, the rolling pin for $6.79 at Kohl's, the book for $19.96 at Barnes and Noble, and the tub of fondant for $23.20 on Amazon. (Thank goodness for online ordering.)

9. A highly-rated standing mixer in their favorite color — if they're at the top of your list and they've asked for one.

You be the judge of who you can appropriately gift a $224 standing mixer — get it here — but if it's on your list this year, this one is recommended by the Sweethome and the Good Housekeeping Institute.

10. A decorating set that makes swirling several colors of icing incredibly simple, and a set of gel food coloring that will make it incredibly simple to get bright colors.

The piping set lets you swirl two or three colors of icing together. Get it here for $5.83, and the food coloring here for $27.14.

11. A pair of purple earrings that they can wear while they bake or while they work their normal job and dream about batter and whipped cream.

They're handmade, so make sure to order them soon, so they can get to you in time for the holidays! Get a pair in purple for $29 here, and in blue here.


13. An adorable little bear that they can slip into their bag of brown sugar to keep it from sticking together.

Yes you can just put a slice of bread in there, but you have to change it out every once in a while, and you don't want to give someone a slice of bread, now do you? Also, a stale slice of bread isn't quite as cute. Get it for $3.99 here.

14. An adjustable slicing guide so they can layer filling through the whole cake, instead of just in the middle.

Think of the possibilities if you have more than one layer to fill: You could do a rainbow of jams, or alternate jam and extra frosting, or so many other things. Get it for $11.99 on Amazon.

15. A decorating kit that's basically like a glue gun, except for delicious and colorful buttercream.

It does basically serve the same purpose as a piping bag, which is what most pro bakers use, but sometimes it's easier to do it this way! Get the set at Bed Bath and Beyond for $39.99.


16. A vintage Schneider cake breaker from the 1950s so their cake never ends up squished again. Or modern-day adjustable individual slice cutters.,

Click or tap each image to enlarge it and swipe through them. Get the vintage Schneider breaker for $15 on Etsy (and read about it here), and get the Debbie Meyer round cake cutter for $15.99 or the square cake cutter for $14.99 here.

17. A cute cake carrier that will make it easy for them to get their cake from home to wherever the cake-eaters are.

It holds up to a 10'' cake, which is about as big a cake as you want to carry on your own, anyway. The lid also comes off separately so you can hold plates and plasticware, or (if you're really ambitious), a pie. Get it for $24.99 at World Market.

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