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17 Gifts For Anyone Who Loves The Ocean

Or be shellfish and get them for yourself.

1. This numbered print of an idyllic ocean-side scene and the most fabulous sun hat ever.

2. Candles that will make even the smelliest dorm room or tiny apartment bathroom smell like there's a wave about to break on the shore.

3. Or a spritzy scent that will make whoever wears it smell like "notes of sea salt" with a "marine base".

4. A set of side plates or cups and saucers that feature octopi and puffer fish.

5. Bath fizzies and a body scrub that smell like the ocean, and body cream scented with sea salt and soothing lavender.

6. A necklace and earring set for any mermaid that spends their life pretending to be a land lubber.

7. A projector that will turn any room into an underwater grotto.

8. And a CD* with recordings of the ocean's waves to help complete the scene.

9. A re-useable lunch and picnic set so they can bring their lunch without tossing plastic cutlery, paper cups, and a brown bag in the trash can.

10. A slim-fit printed case to put on their ~shell phone~.

11. A cozy knit sweater or a warm fleece blanket from a company that removes one pound of trash from oceans and waterways for every purchase made.

12. A stacking ring handmade in Hawaii to look like the island's waves.

13. A silky diatom-print scarf for only those true ocean-loving geeks.

14. A ring reminiscent of the ocean floor, for anyone who loves to wear chunky jewelry.

15. The Lakes and Oceans poster from xkcd, for that one person who's always saying "oh, there was an xkcd about this..." and loves oceans.

16. An octopus laptop decal that will ensure no one ever mistakes it anyone else's again.

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