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17 Gorgeous And Geeky Pairs Of High Heels

Cosplay for your feet.

Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

1. The Iron Shoes.

$170, here. Or, find the designer's tutorial for how to make them yourself here.

2. These custom Harley Quinn comic book platforms.

$125.49, here.

3. These bejeweled Hogwarts heels.

$299.99, here.

4. These badass Batman heels.

$50 here.

5. These hand-painted Star Trek heels.

$50, here.

6. These sparkly sonic screwdriver satin shoes.

$364, here.

7. These collaged Captain America pumps.

$78.43, here.

8. These galaxy anti pop heels.

$58.97, here.

9. These glittery Alliance pumps.

$94.12, here.

10. And these Horde heels.

Also $94.12, here.

11. These Sailor Jupiter boots.

You might even be able to wear these to work. Maybe. $59.99, here.

12. These Jurassic Park/generally awesome dinosaur masterpieces.

$250, here.

13. These League of Legends Nine-Tailed Fox heels.

$49.85, here.

14. These lace-up steampunk ankle boots.

OK, so not related to a specific fandom, but still awesome. $188.99, here.

15. These black-and-yellow Galactic Empire beauties.

$100, here.

16. These crazy colorful Adventure Time pumps.

Mathematical. $200, here.

17. These killer Alice In Wonderland pumps.

$275, here.