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21 Clever Tips For Anyone Wrapping Presents This Year

Organize, wrap, decorate, done.

1. Divide a basket with a few inexpensive magazine organizers, then use each one to keep your bows and tissue paper neatly filed.

2. Try filing your gift bags, too; and if you don't want to spend money on magazine organizers, try making your own using other boxes you have at home.

3. Create an easy-to-use dispenser for all of your fabric and curling ribbon, so a spool never dashes across the room from you ever again.

4. If you're going to do most of your wrapping at home, and you have the space for it, attach casters to the bottom of a small trash can to hold all of your paper.

5. If you need to travel with your wrapping paper, store it in a garment bag — the rolls are a perfect fit.

6. Grab a bucket and this $6.89 bucket caddy to make a portable wrapping command center.

7. Or flip over a broken kitchen stool, add Velcro storage pockets, and attach casters to the bottom.

8. Grab a 5-drawer plastic storage cart and label each drawer with a different gift wrap category.

9. Make this quick gift bag out of wrapping paper when it's midnight on Christmas eve and you wind up with an oddly-shaped gift and no more available bags.

10. Learn this 4-step fold for wrapping any box neatly so you aren't making everything up as you go.

11. If you have several of the same-size box to wrap, pre-cut pieces of paper, and use this quick-wrap method.

12. If you have lots of gifts to wrap at once, try a tape dispenser that is conveniently always on your hand, or pre-tear a bunch of strips of tape so they're easy to grab.

13. Opt for simple fabric bags that will be reusable for years, and tie them with a piece of twine.

14. If you like the idea of reusable wrap but also love the wrapping paper look, use muslin and safety pins instead of paper and tape.

15. Or simply tie the fabric around your box in a knot.

16. Go the fastest route: Buy affordable peel-and-stick bows that coordinate with your wrapping paper of choice.

17. Save money on fluffy ribbon bows by making them yourself.

18. Skip the bows and let a sprig of rosemary from your garden (or eucalyptus, or thyme, or dried red berries, or of course evergreen) do all the festive decorative work.

19. Use a pre-made stamp to fake fancy calligraphy skills.

20. Hot glue dollar store plastic snowflakes to the front of your packages instead of bows.

21. Make quick sparkly pom-poms out of extra tinsel garland and a small amount of string.