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15 Borderline Genius Christmas Decorating Ideas For Your Tiny Space

(P.S. It's ok if you didn't deck the halls on Dec. 1.)

1. Start by decking out the door you use most — you can make Frosty the Doorman here with just a few supplies.

2. Deck your windows with your favorite displays if you don't have a front yard.

3. Make your own window clings using puffy paint in whatever wintery or Christmas-y shape you like best.

4. If your apartment is ~micro~, try warming your heart and hands with a tabletop fireplace heater.

5. Replace a full-sized tree with a smaller tabletop-sized tree, styled simply with lights.

6. Or in place of a smaller tree, try attaching lots of boughs to the wall to make a flat but tall tree that can hold a few ornaments.

7. Do you hate needles everywhere? Just decorate a few berry branches in a vase.

8. Hang ornaments from your ceiling (or from lights hung from your ceiling) so you don't have to give up any floor space.

9. Dress your bed in ~Christmas colors~, especially if your bed is the centerpiece of your tiny studio.

If you don't have space for a big tree, you might as well opt for what will be the center of attention in a home that's mostly a bedroom anyway — your bed. Buy the one on the left at Pottery Barn for $79 here, and the handmade, vintage quilt on Etsy for $94 here.

10. Slice an orange very thinly, dry the rounds, and secure it on a garland.

11. Make a small centerpiece that smells delicious, like these orange and clove pomanders.

12. Fake a fireplace with an old paint drop cloth, some inexpensive chalkboard paint, and chalk.

13. Or pretend your TV stand is your mantle so you can use your favorite stocking hooks.

14. Put together this super simple greenery display to show off your cards from loved ones. <3 <3 <3