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    27 Under-$15 Home Upgrades That'll Be Small But Still Noticeable

    Easy improvements pretty much anyone can pull off.

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    1. Slip new super soft velvet covers over the throw pillows you're not so excited about anymore (maybe they're stained, maybe you're just going for a different look) to make your living room or bed look completely different.

    Two blue velvet pillows

    2. Swap out your cabinet and drawer pull handles if you don't love the ones you have right now. Find ones that are the same length (and use the same holes) as the ones you have already so you can simply change 'em out, no drilling required.

    3. Slap on a coat of simple primer to brighten up a dingy brick or cinderblock garage over the course of a regular old Sunday afternoon.

    A cidnerbock garage painted white and looking fresh thanks to an abstract, symmetrical sun-like sculpture hanging on the wall

    4. Finally repair that little hole your doorknob handle put in your wall (plus any other bits of drywall damage here and there) with a tube of patch and primer. It features a piece of sanding pad on the top of the cap and a putty knife on the other end, meaning you need exactly zero other tools to get the job done.

    5. And touch-up the paint once the patch is dry with an air-tight paint pen — then go around covering up all those little scuffs, scratches, and stains that you've never been able to clean off, so they won't be an eyesore anymore.

    6. Update your circa-1990s appliances for less than the cost of dinner for two: simply cover them in stainless-steel-effect contact paper.

    7. Stick on a pretty dishwasher magnet to never wonder whether the dishes are dirty but well-rinsed or clean but someone's just been too lazy to unload more than the one plate they used for their lunch.

    hexagonal white plastic magnet that says "clean" on one end and "dirty" upside-down on the other, so you could rotate it

    8. Corral some of the fridge clutter that you're tired of dealing with by sorting certain products into individual stackable bins.

    9. And attach pretty decals to your most-used bins so you can feel like a Professional Organizer every time you open your fridge, and so everyone knows where to find everything and where to put things away.

    fridge with plastic bins labeled with black bold easy-to-read cursive

    10. Erase old water stains from your antique furniture so it looks nearly brand-new again with the help of a miracle wood finish restorer.

    before: a chest of drawers with a faded finish on the front; after: the same drawers now with a seamless uniform finish

    11. Or if your damage is more minimal, nip it in the bud with some furniture repair markers and wax sticks. The damage could practically vanish after a few quick swipes of the right color!

    12. Dress up a blank wall in your kitchen (and tbh any room) with a wood-framed tea towel (or print!) you can switch out with the seasons — or just your mood.

    tea towel with thin wood slats on top and bottom edges; top slat has twine that lets the towel hang

    13. And frame some print-at-home art for a quick mini gallery wall in your bathroom, above your WFH desk, or anywhere that could use a little something beautiful.

    one framed print of a sunset and one of clothes hanging on a clothesline

    14. Exchange your yellowing, cracked, or otherwise blah switch- and outlet-plates for new architectural covers to give every room a dramatically better look with almost zero effort required.

    white single switchplate with beveled edge detail

    15. Hang a small mirror with hooks right by the door you use most often for a convenient spot to A) tell yourself how awesome you are right before you leave for the day and B) keep your keys, sunglasses, and mask where you won't forget them even if you're in a rush.

    16. Banish all the stubborn carpet and upholstery stains you've left for too long with a spray cleaner basically guaranteed to make your jaw drop the moment you see the "after."

    17. Replace the blah-looking house number next to your front door with a modern option for a quick curb-appeal boost.

    Front door with the numbers 935 in a large san serif font above it

    18. Give your garage doors a dose of instant character and detail with a set of carriage-style magnets that take only seconds to attach and arrange so they look just right.

    19. Tame your overflowing linen cabinet with some stretchy, labeled sheet keeper bands so you stop dreading the clean linens avalanche every time you go to open to door. Plus, even if all your household's sheets are white, you'll always instantly find the size you need.

    stacks of sheets with yellow and off white bands wrapped around them to keep them orderly

    20. Breathe new life into a scratched laminate-wood table (or whatever furniture you feel like transforming!) in two steps: covering some of it with marble contact paper, and painting the rest to coordinate.

    before: brown side table, after: the table now white, with marble-look contact paper on the shelf and top

    21. Magically conjure new storage and display space wherever you need it most with a basket shelf or two.

    22. Install a LED toilet night-light because it's equal parts practical (you won't hurt your eyes turning on the lights in the middle of the night) and just downright fun (it can be 16 different colors, either in rotation or just one color at a time).

    A toilet glowing blue

    23. Unify the look of the six different brightly labeled bottles on your shower shelf (which may be disrupting the chill vibes in your bathroom) by decanting them into this set of stainless-steel and glass soap dispensers.

    A customer review photo of four soap dispensers in their shower

    24. Apply some rainbow or frosted film to the windows where you need just a little bit more privacy, but don't want to block out the light.

    25. Extract years worth of built-up, embedded pet hair from your carpet and rugs (the kind that even your pet vacuum somehow doesn't touch) and easily sweep up the scattered bits from your hardwood or tile floors, all with the help of a squeegee broom. Since your carpet just might be the cleanest it's been since it was installed, it's *almost* like getting brand new carpet!

    26. Choose any 17-inch section of wall — like the one behind your laundry room door — and hang a mop and broom organizer to create an impeccable cleaning closet in mere moments.

    The rack, with a broom and two styles of mop; plus a Swiffer, a mini broom and dustpan, and the dog's leash

    27. Makeover basically any drawer in your house, including that ever-challenging "junk" drawer, with the help of a set of clear stackable organizers.

    Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

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