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    17 DIY Bathroom Upgrades You Can Actually Do


    1. Add a splash of color to your medicine cabinet with peel-and-stick wallpaper.

    2. Stencil your favorite Beyoncé quote on your shower curtain.

    3. Glue together two cheap bath mats to make a pineapple-shaped place to warm your toes.

    4. Use an acrylic bar and two curtain rod holders to make a custom towel rack.

    5. Frame your builder's-grade mirror using baseboard and liquid nails.

    6. Hand-draw pretty patterns onto the tile that's already there.

    7. Mod Podge scrapbook paper onto your outlet and switch covers.

    8. Spray-paint your doorknobs and cabinet knobs using a metallic paint.

    9. While you have the spray paint out, paint your shower fixtures, too.

    10. Build a set of organizers from mason jars and a piece of wood.

    11. Hang a second shower curtain to make your tub seem extra luxurious.

    12. Hot-glue your wine cork collection onto nonslip shelf liner to make a custom bath mat.

    A handy way to use all those corks you've been collecting. Here's the step-by-step.

    13. Make a set of Anthropologie-inspired baskets to hold your towels and toiletries.

    14. Use deck tiles to make a bath mat or to line the floor of your walk-in shower.

    Here's the tutorial for this bathmat, which uses this decking. If you plan to use it in the shower, look for tropical woods (like these teak tiles), which will stand up to lots of water without warping.

    15. Instead of replacing your vanity, restain it with gel stain.

    16. Screw two drawer pulls into a scrap of wood to make a bathtub tray to hold your wine, candles, and book.

    17. Grow plants in your shower with a suction cup caddy.

    Enjoy your faaaaabulous new bathroom!