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    18 Practical Home Decor Tips For Anyone On A Budget

    Oooh, smart.

    Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their best budget decorating tips. Here are some of our favorites!

    1. Remember that you don't have to buy everything all at once: it'll help you both stay in budget and put together a room you love.

    2. If you have a ~theme~ in mind for a room, check clearance aisles, wait for sales, collect coupons, and be patient.

    I did my daughter's room pretty much from scratch for about $500 because I planned, shopped clearance and made a lot of decor myself. The bulk was spent on a bed, mattress and paint but every time I saw a throw pillow, frame or piece of decor that fit the theme, I bought it. Use coupons and browse clearance sections often for the best deals.


    3. Personalize your cheap furniture with peel-and-stick removable wallpaper.

    Use peel and stick wallpaper to transform any flat surface! I used it to turn a hideous desk into a centerpiece in my house. I also used it on a cheap, ugly Ikea computer table.


    From Delicious And DIY.

    4. Or with a couple coats of gold spray paint, even if you've never painted anything before in your life.

    Don't be afraid to DIY! I am the least artistic person on the planet, but I really wanted a gold theme in my apartment. And that doesn't come cheap. So I found some DIYs with Ikea furniture and gold spray paint and went to town.

    I've done coffee and side tables, an entryway table, and a mirror. It feels good to know I had a vision and saw it through — on a budget! —alyssak45ae0b754

    5. You can even paint upholstered furniture: just use fabric medium and acrylic paint to transform your old outdoor cushions.

    If you have some outdoor cushions that you hate the pattern or color of, buy some fabric medium at a craft store and acyrlic paint in any color. Clean up the cushions, mix the two together (2:1 ratio of paint to fabric medium), paint them...then, Bam! Brand new cushions without spending a ton of money.

    —Valerie Pardo, Facebook

    Find a tutorial on At Charlotte's House.

    6. Ask your family and friends if they have anything they've been meaning to get rid of.

    Family Channel / CBBC

    Don't be ashamed or embarrassed to ask friends or family for any decorative items they no longer want! You'll be amazed at what people are willing to get rid of that has been taking up space in their garage or basement that they are fine with giving away!

    —MJ Cormier, Facebook

    7. Shop secondhand, thrift, and consignment stores for gently-used pieces that don't cost a fortune — and that can be higher quality than something new that costs the same.

    8. And when you shop places like Goodwill or your area's Habitat For Humanity's ReStore, you'll save $$...AND it'll all go to a good cause.

    The Habitat for Humanity ReStore!! They take donations from people looking to get rid of furniture and sell I️t for a fraction of the price. I️ got a $300 entertainment center for $75!


    Don't be afraid to go to Goodwill. They only take in gently used items, and if you can find the right store, it's all nice stuff. My mom made a tv table out of an old dresser you'd never know wasn't purchased that way from an Etsy page!


    9. Thrift stores are also great if you need inexpensive frames or wall art.

    Don’t buy framed wall art! Thrift stores have some really inexpensive frames, sometimes you can even find a few matching ones.


    I bought a large (24"×36") framed print from Goodwill, just to reuse the frame. There was a $40 price tag on the back from a home decor store, I spent $5.


    10. Use those thrift-store frames to turn clearance calendars into classy, cheap art for your walls.

    I frame calendar pictures. Calendars are super cheap after the new year starts. I find a calendar that I like and choose a few pictures. It also guarantees that the pictures will go together!


    From Young House Love.

    11. Check out your local Facebook groups to see if your neighbors might have something you need.

    Definitely add your local marketplace and garage sale/buy, sell, trade groups on Facebook. My husband and I are tight on cash but we needed a couch for our apartment. Our local Facebook selling groups had tons of couches (older/used, naturally) for dirt cheap. Hopefully we’ll have money eventually to afford the couch we want, but this one does the trick for now!


    Also check out the Apartment Therapy Marketplace, which lets you see what people near you are selling — this grey loveseat in NYC is going for just $125. And (of course) don't forget your local Craigslist!

    12. If you find the perfect couch or chair but hate the color, buy a slipcover — it'll look great, and still be cheaper than a brand-new piece.

    Most of our furniture is family hand-off, freecycled or thrift store finds. If you don't like the color of a free/cheap piece buy a slip cover. Our most recent score? A frickin' working, never-been-used hot tub.


    Learn how to slipcover neatly on Pretty Handy Girl.

    13. Keep an eye out for the furniture that gets tossed in the trash, but know how to spot quality stuff.

    Go dumpster diving...I've found some really cool stuff and if it's banged up a bit, I just paint it.


    The best stuff to get are tables, chairs, chests, and bed frames — in solid wood or metal and in fairly good condition. Even if they're rusty or have layers of flaky paint, they're easier to DIY refinish with just some sanding and a new coat of paint.

    Avoid particleboard and laminate furniture. It's not very durable and nearly impossible to refinish. Also avoid upholstered furniture from the roadside like sofas because it's a good way to accidentally bring pests (fleas, bedbugs, rodents) into your home.


    From Redoux Interiors.

    14. Pick up your seasonal decorations right after the holidays are over to get 'em on at a steep discount.

    15. When you move into a new house or apartment, prioritize what you're going to fix up first.

    16. A fresh coat of paint can make any room feel completely different, whether you get new furniture or not.

    It’s AMAZING what a coat of paint can do. Ugly cabinets? Paint. Brown trim? Paint. Old flea market furniture? Paint. Horrible brass light fixture? PAINT. I bought my first house in August and it’s a late 90s townhouse with minimal updates. Paint is my best friend. I’ve done all the cabinets and just that helped so much.


    From Grace and Good Eats.

    17. Don't discount repainted baseboards or crown molding, even if you don't paint the rest of the room.

    Never doubt the effect of things as simple as painting baseboards or adding crown molding — it's cheap and can totally change a room.


    From Newton Custom Interiors.

    18. And if you do decide to paint, don't forget to check out the shelf of discount-price and mis-mixed cans.

    If you're buying paint, check out the discount cans that were mixed wrong. You can find some pretty colors at much better prices!


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