21 Clever Cleaning Tips That Actually Work

    Hate cleaning? Never fear, the internet is here to help.

    1. Hack your power drill to scrub down everything in your life in half the time.

    2. Sanitize your makeup brushes daily with a three-ingredient spray.

    3. Whiten your favorite pair of faded shoes using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and the power of the ~sun~.

    4. Scrub the gunk off of your car's interior using a toothbrush and a little dish soap.

    5. Steam off the grime in your microwave to make wiping it down extra easy.

    6. Wrap a pair of tongs in an old T-shirt and rubber bands, then use them to clean your blinds.

    7. Run your lint roller over lampshades to dust them instantly.

    8. Clean your rusty tools (and that rusting plant stand you got from your grandma's backyard) with the magic of vinegar.

    9. Save money on dry-cleaning bills by freshening stinky clothes with a vodka spray.

    10. Slip a pair of tights over your vacuum cleaner's hose to help you find lost items.

    11. De-grime your oven using an overnight baking soda paste and spritzes of vinegar. And elbow grease.

    12. Improve your toilet-scrubbing experience by dropping one of these homemade toilet bombs in the bowl every couple of days.

    13. Banish the scum in your bathtub with just two ingredients.

    14. Shine up your silver-plated costume jewelry using a simple soak made of salt and baking soda.

    15. Wipe up all that greasy kitchen dust with the help of a little bit of whatever oil you have on hand.

    16. Scrub any hard water stains in your kitchen with a citrus fruit and salt.

    17. Scrape up pet hair from any upholstered surface with the help of your shower squeegee.

    It works on carpet, chairs, giant beanbags...you get the picture. You can either buy one specifically used for the purpose, or just grab the one in your shower. Watch the video here.

    18. Polish up an old pan using water and cream of tartar.

    19. Dust your TV and other LCD screens using a coffee filter.

    20. Wipe up small kitchen and bathroom messes with homemade cleaning wipes.

    21. Freeze citrus peels in vinegar to clean your garbage disposal on the regular.

    Enjoy your new sparkling-clean life!