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    18 Vintage eBay Stores Our Readers Actually Swear By

    The best places to find retro clothes, accessories, and decor.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their favorite vintage eBay stores, and here are their picks!

    1. Vintage*Rx for a curated selection of totally wearable dresses, skirts, tops, and occasional jackets and shoes from the '60s-'90s.

    2. Mod Squad Picking is devoted to all kinds of home decor from the '50s-'80s so you can dot your life with cool retro accents.

    3. OejVintage stocks a wide variety of clothes for men and women plus some cool homegoods, but is especially known for funky tees from the '80s and '90s and rare band tees.

    4. Moon to Moon Vintage finds beautiful (or sometimes delightfully tacky) women's clothes and accessories, with a few men's shirts and home pieces thrown in for good measure, so you can live out your bohemian dreams.

    5. ShannonMyIndi features an eclectic mix of some vintage, some designer, and some designer vintage.

    6. VictorianMemories11 carries a mix of vintage jewelry and homegoods, so you can party like it's the turn of the century...over a century ago.

    7. Violetville is the place to go for designer and other quality vintage that *mostly* won't break the bank...but occasionally could.

    8. RexGeneralStore keeps a rotating selection of interesting pieces – for the best finds, you'll want to check back in every once in a while.

    9. MysteriousClosetFinds collects all kinds of Coach bags, wallets, and accessories plus a small selection of clothes and shoes.

    10. Debra Rose prides itself on making deals and being thrifty, so you know the selection *and* prices are going to be excellent.

    11. RetroSquad is a one-stop shop for the mid-century modern, Eames, and Danish modern furniture that some of today's furniture stores can only hope to emulate.

    12. Past Present and Future Antiques regularly attends estate sales to offer a wide variety of vintage and antique finds.

    13. Vintage Revenge has assembled collection of dresses, jumpsuits, coats, shoes, and tops (with a few men's things thrown in) that would all be very wearable ~right now~.

    14. Temple of Vintage mindfully selects quality home decor pieces (they describe their taste as "fine eclectic") if you prefer something a little understated but still gorgeous.

    15. Zet's Vintage Store has an oversized collection of home goods, clothes, art, books, toys, hats...almost anything you could want to transport your life back in time (except, interestingly, furniture).

    16. JadeDesignVintage basically lets you raid the closets of stylish women starting from the '40s all the way up until...well, today.

    17. Vintage Laboratory stockpiles '80s and '90s gems so you can pretend Madonna's at the top of the charts again.

    18. Krauseinhiemer assembles an assortment of midcentury tchotchkes and antiques you could either give as a gift to the right person or keep for your own home.

    You after mastering the vintage side of eBay:

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