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Can You Resist The Call Of The Doughnut?

Doughnuts for dinner. Doughnuts for snack. Doughnuts for lunch. And (...obviously...) doughnuts for breakfast.

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3. Cereal doughnuts.

Yummy. But are you ready for....

5. Simple doughnut graced with rainbow sprinkles.

6. Purple-iced doughnut on the beach.

Apparently also with bacon.

7. Coconut doughnut in the car with coffee.

8. Double doughnuts on the porch.

9. Fashion doughnut. (Vogue-nut?)

10. Pile o' doughnuts.

How many would YOU eat?

11. Bacon doughnut with a friend doughnut.

12. Fancy doughnuts side-by-side.

13. A fall spice doughnut ready to take you for a ride.

14. Doughnuts with a chocolate frosting that will stick to the roof of your mouth.


15. Doughnut with ice cream in the middle (and Nutella frosting).

16. Fancy-pantsy Oreo chunk doughnut with hot coffee.

Ah yes, I would like to have the Oreo doughnut, please.

17. Doughnut with an extra smear of chocolate frosting.

18. Crackly-glaze doughnut.

20. Doughnut against a clear blue sky.

21. Pink and purple doughnuts filled with jam.

22. Triple doughnuts stacked up on a hand.

23. Toasted marshmallows resting on the perfect glaze.

24. Decorated doughnuts that are all the rage.

But can you handle...

25. A doughnut topped with the most delicious goo.

26. And two doughnuts that are ready for you.
  1. Can you resist the call of the doughnut?

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Can you resist the call of the doughnut?
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