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The Stages Of Having A Drunken Night Out As Told By Emma Thompson

The thirst is real, and no one understands that better than you. Well, except maybe Emma Thompson, Greek goddess of drunken escapades.

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First, your best friend says "Wanna go out tonight?" And immediately you're like:

Process Media / Via

So you get dressed and feel like thisL

You're so excited, you run all the way to the bar.

When you finally arrive, your grand entrance feels like this:

But really looks more like this.

NBC / Via

You order a drink and try to look casual and cute.

The CW / Via

But then you see your other best friend and it's like

PerezHilton / Via

Suddenly, the DJ puts on your favorite song and you're just like:

NBC Studios / Via

And all your friends are there and everything is just great so you start clapping like this.

TNT / Via

And you're the only one clapping but you DGAF.


And since your favorite song is on and the night just keeps getting better, you start to dance.

TNT / Via

But your friends are next to you like...

And since they're not dancing, you make them hold your drink.


And you make your way to the dance floor.

NBC / Via

where you find someone that feels the beat the same way you do.

And the two of you are in your own world, just movin' and groovin'.

But then he makes a move and you're just like:

So you go back to your friends and reclaim your drink.

TNT / Via

And they ask you about the hot guys you were dancing with and you're just like

And then one of your friends suggests you all go get some food and you make this face.


Because you know you shouldn't but you want to anyways.

And the voice in your head says to you.

So you head for the exit, but your friends have to keep pushing you along because:

And on the way out you have to ditch your shoes because:

And you're a hot mess, so naturally your friends want to document the occasion and you're just like:


"No pictures pleassssssseeeee!" But your words are futile and useless.

So you strike a pose for the camera like:

And finally, you get some food and it feels like this:

PerezHilton / Via

And afterwards everything is perfect so you tell your best friend how much she means to you:

Then your best friend takes you home, and you collapse onto the first soft surface you see:

NBC / Via

And you look like this, but it was all worth it.

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