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    Not Your Typical Greek: Phi Sigma Pi

    Letters Today, Leaders Tomorrow. Founded February 14, 1916

    1. We're not like other Greeks, we're kinda geeks!


    1. We're a National Honor Fraternity spread all across the United States. Chances are that you've found a 4 year University to call home and now it's time to find your Brothers! At Phi Sigma Pi, we try to live a balanced life of Leadership, Fellowship and Scholarship!

    2. Cutting Edge- We're a Gender Inclusive Organization


    We may be an older organization founded in 1916, but Phi Sigma Pi is different. We try to remain on the cutting edge and keep up with the social changes. Who needs to be Co-ed, when you can be Gender Inclusive? That's right, at Phi Sigma Pi we do not discriminate! Brotherhood is about acceptance and the love of new knowledge and diverse experiences that new brothers can bring!

    3. Talk Nerdy to me!

    We're unique because we have the requirements of an Honor society and we also get to experience the brotherhood bonds of a Greek Organization. We do require a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale, but we also know how to have a good time and relax with friends. Who else watches cat videos and takes buzzfeed quizzes?

    4. Hazing? Unacceptable! / Via

    So you've worked hard in the world of academia and now you have that 3.0. So you're maybe thinking about going Greek. Worried about hazing? We aren't. It's not cool, you work hard and we respect that. Phi Sigma Pi--the hazing stops here.

    5. College can be scary, Let us help you become a Leader among peers!


    College can be a scary place, especially as a Freshman. Do you want to do more? Have you always liked helping people or having leadership responsibility? You've found the right Fraternity. There will always be leadership opportunities in Phi Sigma Pi and we always like to keep it fresh with new ideas!

    6. Find your people.


    Phi Sigma Pi: where many people find their forever friends, best friends, brothers and for some, their significant others. Chances are that while in Phi Sigma Pi, you'll find your person. It's pretty great. You won't want to miss this opportunity.

    7. Diversity!


    At Phi Sigma Pi, we are open to everyone who has a 3.0 and 12 college credits. Any major and any background, we do not discriminate! Just meet a few brothers and see for yourself how open and accepting we are!

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