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19 Things That Only GA And GS Will Understand

Having a solid GA and GS duo literally makes or breaks an entire netball team, don't @ me.

1. In every netball team, you've got your attack and defence players. But let's be real, if your GA and GS aren't the ultimate duo, you really don't stand a chance at winning.

2. If you're in said duo, you know that your sweet shooting skills are largely due to your telepathic connection with your GS/GA.

3. You don't even have to be looking at each other: you can just feel where the other person is about to head and where you need to feed the ball to.

4. When they're about to take a long shot, you're already next to the goal post, ready for the rebound.

5. And you'll always shout "here if you need" just in case they opt for a cheeky pass.

6. When it comes to rebounds, you're a ride or die for that quick jump.

7. And if the GD or GK even THINK of trying to get that ball from you, you know they've got another thing coming.

8. Plus, chances are, they're going to be pulled up for contact anyway.

9. But you will DEFINITELY chuck the shit if you get called for contact.

10. Nothing beats the feeling of making a clean goal from the distance.

11. When it comes to the centre pass, you've got a power play that you run almost every single time.

12. Although sometimes you could run it in less than three passes, which literally made you feel like the biggest boss bitches on court.

13. As a GA, you know the sweet, sweet feeling of getting a pass from an intercept, and then lobbing the ball straight to your GS — who is ready and waiting under the goal post.

14. And as a GS, you know there's nothing better than intercepting a GK's throw from the baseline and getting the unexpected goal.

15. If you were the GA, you were definitely one of the taller girls in the team — and also one of the peppiest.

16. And you were the first to yell "GREAT DEFENCE" whenever your GD or GK stopped a goal.

17. If you were the GS, you were the queen of sarcasm.

18. But the other team found absolutely nothing funny about your ability to score from anywhere in the circle.

19. And even though it is a team sport, the bond between a GA and GS ran deeper than most.