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    Americans Are Sharing Things They Envy About Australia And The Responses Are Eye Opening


    Having grown up in Australia watching American TV and movies, I was always jealous of some unique experiences that we just don't have down here.

    As it turns out, Americans are also envious of live Down Under and honestly, I am both proud and surprised.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community what Australia has that Americans are jealous of. Here's what they said.

    1. "Tim Tams! Those are the best."

    2. "All of the unique wildlife!"

    "So many animals are only found in Australia, and I'm super jealous they just get to see all of those one-of-a-kind animals like quokkas and koalas!"


    3. "There are SO MANY beaches!! You could go to a different one everyday for years."


    4. "The coffee! It. Is. Awesome."

    5. "The Great Barrier Reef! I’ll never forget snorkelling there on my trip to Oz."


    6. "The habitat and unique wildlife."

    Ebony White, Facebook

    7. "I keep hearing good things about Australian chocolate."

    Lana Michelle, Facebook

    8. "Sticky, the candy shop in Sydney!"

    9. "Compulsory voting. Everyone SHOULD be voting, but in the US we have to beg adults to go out and vote."

    "Here, some politicians try to suppress voting to suit themselves. It seems like Australia has a much fairer voting system." 


    10. "Healthcare."


    11. "The fact that Australians get four weeks of paid vacation leave."

    12. "How they handle the coronavirus pandemic."

    "My Australian friend told me that they get, like, one case and immediately go into lockdown. But here, we don't have lockdowns, even though we get a crazy amount of people infected every day, so more people are dying." 

    Eleanor Jean

    13. "Gun control laws."


    14. "Public transportation!"

    Beth Reyes, Facebook

    15. "I love all the slang abbreviations they have — like Macca's for McDonald's."

    16. "I’m a sucker for an Aussie accent."

    Jerry Kasai, Facebook

    17. "Rugby."


    18. "Meat pies!"

    19. "Australian candy bars. They seem incredible!"


    20. "How friendly everyone is."

    Beth Reyes, Facebook

    21. And finally, "the Aussie sense of humour."

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.