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    17 Tell-Tale Signs You Might Be Living In A Wes Anderson Movie

    I always wanted to be a Tenenbaum.

    1. You enjoy spending most of your time soaking in the tub.

    2. You and your squad have matching luggage.

    3. You can work a red hat like no other.

    4. And your taste in artwork is above par.

    5. Hanging around graveyards is sort of your deal.

    6. When you're not chilling in hotels that is.

    7. Or camping in your own living room.

    8. Dressing up as an animal is basically a rite of passage.

    9. And carrying an unusual pet is part of your charm.

    10. Tracks by the Rolling Stones and David Bowie seem to signpost major moments of epiphany in your life.

    11. You have a tendency to be a little melodramatic.

    12. You have your lobby boy run most of your errands for you.

    13. But when something seriously needs doing, you step up and do it yourself.

    14. Family time is important to you.

    15. But it is also imperative that you be given your own space to unwind.

    16. Deep down though, you're always on the look-out for adventure.

    17. And Jaguar sharks.