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22 Better Uses For Ikea's Iconic Blue Shopping Bag

Better you never thought to turn one into a dress, did you?

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If you've ever been to Ikea, you'll recognize the iconic 99¢ reusable bags you can find by the checkout counters.

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In fact, you probably end up buying one or two each time you make a trip to Ikea, and have tons of them at home. Have you ever thought about repurposing those bags for an awesome DIY project? These Instagrammers did:

3. An attention-grabbing sweatshirt:

Instagram: @alexandra22100

7. Of course, you could always just go with a full outfit:

Instagram: @itsanarkee

9. Which doubles as a rain-proof baseball cap:

Instagram: @n2222i

11. Sandals, which are perfect for summer:

Instagram: @thezipyardlarne

12. A cute, functional messenger bag:

Instagram: @komo_moo

14. Jean modifications that show off your corporate allegiances:

Instagram: @josephcarl_

15. An Ikea air mask. Perfect for bargain shopping after the apocalypse:

Instagram: @zhijunwang

17. A kinky pair of Ikea underwear:

Instagram: @fastlamb

19. High fashion suspenders to hold up your old-fashioned pants:

Instagram: @alexeynikishin

20. A small handbag with a lovely accent:

Instagram: @stekkel

21. Flair for your training pants:

Instagram: @vandythepink

This post was translated from Japanese.

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