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    This Tumblr Collects All The Photos Drake Has Liked On Instagram

    Drake is just as Drake as you'd expect.

    "Personally, I find the 'following' new tab way more interesting than my actual [Instagram] feed," said Tanlines musician Eric Emm, who started collecting Drake's likes a year ago. He said he was initially compelled by the above "really sweet, very innocent photo, of a girl and her dad at a rollerskating rink," and 12 months later, concludes that Drake's likes are "very much in line with his persona: pretty soft and sweet, peppered with occasionally thugdom."

    Unlike Twitter, where anyone can access tweets a user has favorited at any time, Instagram likes aren't saved in one place, and must be tracked in real time. So, if Drake liked anything while Emm was asleep, maybe those photos don't appear in Emm's collection. But Emm's confident he didn't miss many, because Drake gives likes out sparingly. "That's part of what's made this so manageable," he said. "If it was photos [Grizzly Bear's] @edroste liked, it would be impossible."

    So, Drake likes:


    Drake likes sports.

    Drake likes moms who support sports.

    And when people wear Toronto sports gear.

    Drake likes Rihanna.

    Almost as much as he likes the OVO owl.

    And when Popcaan reps it.

    Drake likes Chilli.

    And Richard Branson.

    His friend Oliver.

    And his other friend's cute kid.

    And Jhene Aiko.

    And journalist Elliott Wilson.

    (Because Elliott Wilson loves Drake.)

    Drake likes dancehall graphics.

    Drake likes art.

    Drake likes NYC boutique VFILES.

    And girls who flip the bird.

    Bust most of all, Drake likes when people love Drake.