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    This British Teen Made The Most Refreshing Song You'll Hear This Summer

    Hallelujah. South London's MNEK is pushing the game forward.

    MNEK is a 19-year-old singer from London. And he might just restore your faith in pop.

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    His real name is Uzoechi Osisioma Emenike and he has a ton of talent, respect for the '90s, and a very cool high top fade. He's been writing songs since he was 14, but so far we've mostly heard hits he's penned for other people, like Little Mix, Rudimental, and Duke Dumont. Now, he’s working on his own major label debut album.

    Its glorious first single, “Every Little Word,” proves he saved some of his best stuff for himself.

    The beat is as elastic and in-your-face as prime Daft Punk, or the stuff Teddy Riley produced for Michael Jackson and Blackstreet. All the swing and thump lifts up MNEK’s Luther Vandross-sweet vocals. The song is about “being with someone who makes you happy and everything that they say sticking with you in a positive way,” MNEK explained. Its spotless production plays nicely against its loose, lovestruck lyrics.

    The "Every Little Word" video is debuting today on BuzzFeed.

    In the video, MNEK performs for an assortment of characters, who act out the song’s lyrics and call attention to all of its flourishes. MNEK's a meticulous musician, and this video succeeds at making it easier to understand all the small bits that make "Every Little Word" special.

    A naked lady counts down the first drop.

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    "Trois, deux, un."

    T-shirts change colors in time with the beat.

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    "Then there's some mild dancing with an awesome male dancer," MNEK said.

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    "It was cool cause I could vibe with him and do some small things behind him and still compliment him."

    When the chorus hits, a choir rolls in.

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    A guy dressed to look like Rick Ross comes out to ask, "Do you fuck to this shit?"

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    Like, really, "Do you fuck to this shit?"

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    Girl, yes. Yes you do.