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    Welcome To The Summer Of The Mad Girl

    Allowing yourself to feel sad is important. But a crop of new songs call out that sometimes, so is talking your shit.

    Elle Varner's new single "Don't Wanna Dance" is all about being at the club and totally HATING it. / Via

    Taken from Varner's upcoming sophomore album Four Letter Word, its vibe is not mopey, just plainly fed-up.

    But Elle's not the only girl out here who is OVER IT and down to talk about it. Earlier this year, 19-year-old rapper and singer Tink released this mad masterpiece:

    "Don't Tell Nobody" is perfect, because Tink's not only calling out her dude's cheating and coming clean about her desire to get back at him, but also talking about how she doesn't even really want to disengage from the shitty relationship. After all, being mad can be thrilling!

    ("Don't Tell Nobody" is kinda the soap opera sequel to last year's "Wanna Party," where Tink GOES FLAWLESSLY OFF on people who do not impress her.)

    And Maddie and Tae, a duo of 18-year-olds, are about to SHUT COUNTRY DOWN with "Girl In A Country Song," a straight-faced indictment of how women are portrayed by the genre's reigning bros.

    In a culture where women have to restrict their behavior every day, being openly sad can be a powerful form of opposition.

    But sorrow is just one way to express that defiance. And sometimes, there's just no better way to recognize yourself and be seen than to GET MAD AS HELL.

    So go get em, mad girls.