LeBron James Leaving Miami Is All DJ Khaled’s Fault

We the best? We depressed.

1. Back on June 10, rap overlord/cheerleader DJ Khaled predicted that the Miami Heat would win the NBA Finals. The Heat had already lost one game to the San Antonio Spurs. Khaled blamed this on the Spurs having cut off the air conditioning.

2. “The heat winning period,” Khaled said on ESPN.

He continued: “We champions. We always gon win. We gon win the series. We got King James…It’s over. We winning tonight. We winning the next game. And then we going to San Antonio, where they turned the AC off. They won that one game cause they were cheaters. They won, but they cheated.”

3. Bad call! After Khaled’s ESPN interview, the Heat won no games. Call it the #DJKhaledCurse.

Ultimately, the Spurs won the Finals 4-1, on June 15.

6. Today King James announced his decision to leave Miami for Cleveland.

7. Y’all know who to blame:

On This Day In History: The #DJKhaledCurse Struck Again As LeBron James Went Back to Cleveland.

— Day & A Dream (@dayandadream)

Lmfao #DJKhaledCurse #LeBronJames #heat

— Mrs_Stephanie (@steph_tremillo)

"But then DJ Khaled said the Spurs cheated with the AC, & wouldn’t win any more games…” #DJKhaledCurse

— 2dopeboyz (@2DOPEposts)

#DJKhaledCurse #heat #LeBron

— Mrs_Stephanie (@steph_tremillo)

It's all his fault #DJKhaledCurse

— Alfonso Alonzo (@Alfonso_Alonzo)

DJ Khaled ruined everything for the Heat. #DJKhaledCurse

— 2dopeboyz (@2DOPEposts)

I'm done! #DJKhaledCurse

— Q (@KingKwama)

#djkhaledcurse #LeBron

— Tashawn Jones (@igotchaopin)

Bruh #djkhaledcurse is real.....

— NotSoRichHomieJ (@iAmJeffSledge)

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