The Internet Explodes As LeBron James Announces Return To Cleveland

The king is back.

1. On Friday, LeBron James announced he’d be returning to play with his former team the Cleveland Cavaliers and NBA fans are borderline hysterical.

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2. While his fans were just as excited.

ID: 3331420

3. And shocked.

ID: 3331287

4. Some were skeptical.

ID: 3331134
ID: 3331771

6. And concerned.

“Hold up Michelle, LeBron just left the Heat”

— [199X] (@BallinInHD)
ID: 3331416

7. Some were just worried about all those burned jerseys.

Y'all are too quick man #KingJames #Lebron

— ♎️ P O L O ♎️ (@Polo_Fresh1)
ID: 3331160

Every Cleveland fan right now ...

— SportsNation (@SportsNation)
ID: 3331306

9. And the consequences of James’ decision.


— darth™ (@darth)
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10. It’s a sad day for Miami Heat fans.

EXCLUSIVE: Heat fans are all packed up and ready to join LeBron in Cleveland

— Life As Bros (@LifeAsBros)
ID: 3331285

Lebron's final comments to Dwyane Wade...

— Elite Daily (@EliteDaily)
ID: 3331364

wade wen he fownd owt lebron nd bosh r leavin

— Forrezt Gump (@Forreztpls)
ID: 3331368

#Heat fans next season like

— Terez Owens (@TerezOwens)
ID: 3331464

On a real note. RIP Heat fans.

— Martin Brian Ansah (@DaAnsahonSports)
ID: 3332517

15. While some went unfazed.

Die Hard !!

— Snoop Dogg (@SnoopDogg)
ID: 3331485

#BackToCleveland lol

— Marcus (@MartyMarrt)
ID: 3331475

17. Regardless, it’s a huge day for Cleveland sports and Cavs fans are elated.

Lebron and his fans #Teamcavs

— ..... (@itweetsssss)
ID: 3331317

@KingJames goes #BackToCleveland Its good to be @NBA fan right now.

— Jack Woo (@SRBasket)
ID: 3331552

"He knows my HBOGo password. This is gonna be awkward" RT @jose3030:

— Desus (@desusnice)
ID: 3333656

Johnny Manziel and LeBron are gonna run Cleveland.

— Nolan Alejandro (@NAWilson22)
ID: 3332046
ID: 3331987

22. Bron even saw support from fellow athletes and friends.

Cleveland let's ROCK! Congrats on coming home @KingJames!

— DonteHitner (@DonteWhitner)
ID: 3331955

YESSSSSSSS!! Couldn't be happier for my guy @KingJames and the @cavs #Cleveland

— Johnny Manziel (@JManziel2)
ID: 3331940

Congrats to my man @KingJames on Cleveland! Too bad we don't have the #Sonics #NoPlaceLikeHome

— Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson)
ID: 3331963

I'm back a Cleveland fan now!@KingJames Congrats brother

— Adrian Peterson (@AdrianPeterson)
ID: 3331897
ID: 3337306

27. And there’s already a billboard up in Cleveland to celebrate the news.

LeBron is back. This just went up on Prospect and East 9th

— Jordan Zirm (@clevezirm)
ID: 3331768

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