Premiere: Betty Who's "Somebody Loves You" Video Will Put You In A Better Mood

    Who wants to dance?

    You already love Australian pop queen Betty Who.

    But even if you're just hearing about her for the first time, this new video for her anthem "Somebody Loves You" will lift your spirits:

    Betty’s known for earworm hooks, cardio-friendly production, and her stadium-filling voice, but also for seeming more human than machine. She’s basically a Katy Perry for a time when teenagers don’t want to wear fancy logos and just want to be ~cool~.

    "Somebody Loves You" is the lead single for Betty Who's debut album, Take Me When You Go, which will drop October 7 via RCA.

    But Betty's been performing the song forever, and a less-polished "Somebody Loves You" video was actually released back in January 2013. It's no small thing, then, that the song and its message still sound as fresh today as it did then.

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    “’Somebody Loves You’ has been in my life for so long that I wanted to start fresh in some way and make it new and exciting for myself and everyone who's been a fan of the song since it came out,” Betty said via email.

    Thanks for caring, Betty <3