16 Reasons Atlanta Is The Best

Don’t live in Atlanta? That must hurt.

1. There’s always a festival of some kind happening year-round

2. We compete with Seattle for most hipsters per square mile

…. probably.


5. In Atlanta, you can feel all of the seasons of the year

….but not necessarily in the appropriate order.

6. We have the WORLD’S second largest aquarium.

We were THE largest until last year. Thanks, Singapore.

7. We brew our own beer. And it’s good.

8. These women. Obviously.

9. Atlanta volunteered as tribute.

Along with several other films, Atlanta has been a hotbed of Hunger Games filming activity.

10. Oh, you want super-authentic Chinese, Mexican and Ethiopian food?

Seriously. Melting pot of cultures.

Protip: Don’t eat Chinese, Mexican and Ethiopian food all at once though….

11. Our strippers are famous.

Her name is Blondie and she has her own documentary

12. We breed famous people.

13. These guys.

Coca-Cola for life.

14. Every neighborhood is different and has a distinct culture.

15. With the world’s busiest airport, you can fly anywhere!

…it’s also the busiest airport with lots of people. Pro or con? Could really go either way.

16. We have a super cool nickname.

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