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    14 Types Of Selfies You Find On The Internet

    Sometimes you have to take a picture of yourself when no one else will.

    1. The Unavoidable Duckface

    2. Post Workout Seflie


    Upon further research, this guy might be the king of the selfie @mandingobraj

    3. Mirror Selfie


    Mirror, mirror on the wall- who has the baddest iMac of all?

    4. Getting Caught Sleeping

    Via Instagram: @Jermz_vi


    5. The Bathroom Selfie

    6. The Sad Selfie

    Via Twitter: @Lykos14

    Capturing all of your sad feelings in one selfie is hard.

    7. The Celebrity Selfie

    8. The Drinking Selfie

    9. The SnapChat Selfie

    10. The Car Selfie

    11. The Myspace Angle Selfie

    12. The Self Incriminating Selfie

    13. The Cat Selfie

    14. The Jonas


    The best thing to come out of the Jonas Brothers. Other than this

    Really though,

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