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    • NancyKnows

      Look, it’s obvious your insatiable appetite for anal intercourse and orally ingesting fecal bacteria and seminal emissions are the driving, motivating force in your life. By comparison, NOTHING else is either important or as important than your sexual appetite being fulfilled. Well, good for you. One can only conclude, that if you’ll do THAT (yuck, ick, eck, etc.), your moral barometer is at the nadir of human existence. To wit, you can’t simply disagree with religious teachings and traditions that condemn your practices, you must attack them. So, who’s got the “phobia” now, huh? Perhaps you should give all this a second thought and THANK those of us who contend for these teachings that are supported by natural evolutiona and science. If it were not for us, you wouldn’t be here. Every single last one of you were conceived and born from the NATURAL sexual union of a man and a woman. And, if it weren’t for the tax dollars of the other 98.6% of us who are normal (and yes, 98.6%, by any metric, constitutes the norm, so deal with it), there would be no funding for all the medications and research that allow you to keep B*** F****** over 50 partners a year and still be able to live with, or free from, the natural biological consequence of your behavior, aka HIV/AIDS.  Still think homosexual sex is natural - just because you’ve seen a male dog humping another male dog? Good grief, grow up, will you? Next time you’re at the doctor’s office for an annual (calm down, I didn’t say “anal”) physical, notice that little section on the questionnaire his receptionist has you fill out before the exam. You know, the part where they ask if you have engaged in any HIGH-RISK BEHAVIORS, such as sharing needles during intravenous drug use or MEN HAVING SEX WITH MEN?!?!?!??!!? God. That science is so homophobic, don’t you think?

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