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Top Ten "Supernatural" Episodes So Far…

In honor of it's tenth anniversary, let's look back at the top episodes thus far from one super fans perspective.

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Weird tie, I know. The 200th episode really was a crazy, Meta love letter to the fans, but Timothy Omundson’s first performance was simply breathtaking. It’s hard to choose between two such vastly different episodes.

9. Do You Believe in Miracles? (Season 9)

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The season nine finale gave us arguably the best cliffhanger of the entire series. That killer final Crowley speech and Dean’s eyes opening left us in awe, I’ll be honest I threw a cup across the room. Also I have to give a shout out to both Jensen and Jared for making Dean’s latest death scene more emotionally gripping than any of his previous deaths.

8. Changing Channels (Season 5)

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How can you not love this episode? One of the crazier episodes of the series, Changing Channels took us on a hilarious journey through television that we never expected. Richard Speight Jr.'s portrayal as the ever hilarious Trickster/Gabriel is never an unwelcome experience on the series.

7. Jus In Bello (Season 3)

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Bello, to me, is the penultimate episode of season three. This one shows the wrath of Lilith is real and begins to highlight the clear divide growing between the brothers. The guest stars are stellar, Jensen and Jared are perfect and Katie Cassidy's Ruby 1.0 gets a nice turn as well.

6. The Benders (Season 1)

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This season one standout is just plain creepy. Up until this point we had only seen the boys fight monsters, this time they were fighting disturbed human beings. For me this episode still stands as one of its scariest.

5. Swan Song (Season 5)

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This could have been a series finale season finale was emotional and thrilling. Series creator Eric Kripke’s final episode as showrunner was a perfect way end to his time at the helm. I long for a perfect series finale one day so I stop wondering if maybe this would have been the only way to end the show.

4. The French Mistake (Season 6)

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In the first post Kripke season there were many ups and downs, this episode was a very big up. It was an unexpected, strange and Meta journey that is often highlighted by the stars of the show and fans as one of its best.

3. The End (Season 5)

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When Dean is sent to the future to see the dark path he and his brother are headed on we see some of the best performances given by Jared, Jensen and Misha in the entire run of the series. The End had its funny moments (Chuck’s toilet paper, Castiel’s orgy), but it mostly felt like an excellent post-apocalyptic film that I wanted more of.

2. Mystery Spot (Season 3)

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Dean dies over and over again and instead of being sad we all get a good laugh out of Sam’s Groundhog Day experience. This episode holds some of the most quotable and remembered moments of the series and welcomed everybody’s favorite Trickster back to the show.

1. Ghostfacers! (Season 3)

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You might have noticed that I clearly love season three. To me it’s the best season and was sadly cut a bit short by the writer’s strike. My all-time favorite episode and the best of season three has to be the return of the bumbling ghost hunters Ed and Harry. The documentary style of the episode was incredibly unique and gave us the perfect, ridiculous insight into the minds of Ed and Harry. Dean and Sam are perfectly grumpy and the team Harry and Ed have assembled is priceless. This episode also features just about the funniest exchange of lines ever spoken on television.

Dean: Ed, listen to me! There's some salt in my duffel. Make a circle and get inside.

Ed: [a long pause; Ed and Harry look confused] Inside your duffel bag?

Dean: In the salt, you idiots!

A totally priceless line in a completely perfect episode that I could watch every single day.

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