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21 Times Matt Saracen Ruined You For All Real Life Men

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t love anyone more than Matt.

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1. When he needed a push to fully accept his place on the team.

NBC / Via wesgibbinsed.tumblr.com

2. When he had this heartbreaking but necessary breakdown.

NBC / Via bodiebroadus.tumblr.com

Don’t you just want to hold him?

3. When he always took care of his grandmother.

NBC / Via fnl-forever.tumblr.com

Also Grandma Saracen was hilarious.

4. When he found a father figure in Coach Taylor.

NBC / Via ssammys.tumblr.com

5. When he was one half of the cutest high school to eternity relationship.

NBC / Via sundaystorms.tumblr.com

Matt Saracen was always the QB1 of Julie Taylor’s heart.

6. When he and the rest of the team did cheerleader impressions.

NBC / Via fnl-forever.tumblr.com

Nice legs, Seven.

7. When he was a terrible hunter.

NBC / Via fnl-forever.tumblr.com

Thank you Tim, for taking that gun away from him.

8. When he confronted Coach about dating Julie.

NBC / Via halpertjames.tumblr.com

Matt, you sweet awkward boy why aren't you real?

9. When he was responsible about drinking.

NBC / Via shadowcats.tumblr.com

10. When he tried to help Coach with his on-air appearance.

NBC / Via ssammys.tumblr.com

11. When his best friend was just about the strangest guy in all of Dillon, Texas.

NBc / Via charleshunnam.tumblr.com

You do you Landry.

12. When he referred to Riggins as this:

NBC / Via wyatted.tumblr.com

Just about the greatest description of Tim that ever was spoken.

13. When he had the right idea about his role in a fight.

NBC / Via wyatted.tumblr.com

14. When he couldn’t pull off the couture.

NBC / Via charleshunnam.tumblr.com

And when he sang to his grandma.

15. When he got a very sweet gift for Julie.

NBC / Via halpertjames.tumblr.com

16. When he was honest about what would happen if he quit the team.

NBC / Via scarliefrancis.tumblr.com

17. When he coached the girls.

NBC / Via seaquell.tumblr.com

18. When he showed up drunk at practice.

NBC / Via wyatted.tumblr.com

19. When he and the other original three panthers had a night of drinking on the field.

NBC / Via fnl-again.tumblr.com

Many greats would come along, but no one would ever be better than Saracen, Riggins, Smash, and Street.

20. When he lost his father.

NBC / Via dolandehaan.tumblr.com

The most heartbreaking episode of the entire series.

21. When he wore his cute little hat for work.

NBC / Via dillon-texas.tumblr.com

Matt Saracen will always be our QB #1

NBC / Via april-kepner.tumblr.com

Basically if you’re not in love with Matt Saracen, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.

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