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14 Signs You’ve Fallen Into A Summer Binge Watching Hole

Can you get a tan from the glow of a screen?

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1. You’ve forgotten what the sun looks like.


It’s not vampirism it’s Netflixism.

2. The word tan is not something you’ve dealt with yet.

IFC / Via

Too much sun is bad for your health anyway!

3. The kitchen is the furthest you travel.

CBS / Via

Unless the bathroom is further away than that.

4. You’re sleeping schedule is non-existent.


Is the sun up or down, who knows. You’ll sleep when you’re done with the next season.

5. You’ve lost all sense of time as well.

BBC / Via

“Wait, you mean I’ve been watching this show for 12 hours? But I just started.”

6. You don’t believe when people say you should take a break.


There are no breaks, only television.

7. You’ve lost track of how many shows you’ve watched.

Warner Bros. / Via

3, 12, 40, it’s definitely more than 1.

8. You’ve spoken to your laptop or television more than real people.

NBC / Via

The characters are your friends now.

9. When you do stop for brief moments, you only speak in television quotes.

Marvel / Via

10. Your new favorite phrase is “next episode.”

IFC / Via

And would you like to continue watching isn’t even a question anymore.

11. You’ve become a fan of so many new shows you’ll never go out come the fall.

ABC / Via

All these new shows and now you can watch them live!

12. You’ve set personal records for the number of hours of television you’ve watched.

FOX / Via

Six years of TV in four days, NBD.

13. You’ve accepted that Netflix is what you’ve been waiting for all your life.

14. And the biggest sign, the sign that you don’t care what anyone thinks about you’re binge watching problem.

NBC / Via

“I’ll watch what I want to watch when I want to watch it. And if that means I won’t move for a week, then I won’t move for a week.”

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