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11 Reasons ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Is Going To Be Amazing

DC TV is about to get a whole lot bigger.

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1. Because the epically complex love of the Hawks will be front and center.

DC / Via

Eternally reborn soulmates can be complicated.

2. Because we’ll get weekly cold puns.

DC / Via

Never stop doing you Captain Cold, never.

3. Because literal ray of sunshine Ray Palmer will be geeking out on the daily about being a part of a super team.

DC / Via

Not prepared for just how cute he’s gonna be every week.

4. Because Arthur Darvill.

DC / Via

If you don’t already know him, get to know him now please.

5. Because Sara will finally get some appreciation.

DC / Via

White Canary on the rise.

6. Because of the future great time travel outfits.

DC / Via

Bell bottoms <3

7. Because of the inevitable ‘Doctor Who’ references.

DC / Via

The only question is will Rip, aka Rory Williams former time traveling companion, or Ray, ‘Doctor Who’ super fan, make the reference.

8. Because Vandal Savage is going to be an epic foe.

DC / Via

And we can thank the perfectly sneaky little bastard Malcolm Merlyn for his return.

9. Because we’ll get the opportunity to fall in the love with the new Firestorm duo.

DC / Via

Miss you always Ronnie <3

10. Because it’ll stand on its own.

DC / Via

Don’t get me wrong, I love the crossovers, but not having Barry or Oliver popping up every other week will be refreshing.

11. And finally because look at this squad:

DC / Via
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