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10 Underrated TV Friendships We'll Never Forget

FFF = Fictional friends forever.

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1. Jerry/Larry/Garry/Terry and Donna, Parks and Recreation


Everyone knows and loves Ann and Leslie, but don’t forget the bond between these two. Deep down, Donna really did care about Jerry. If you didn’t tear up a bit when she finally gave Jerry back his real name (GARRY!) at her wedding, you don’t have a soul.

2. Marshall and Barney, How I Met Your Mother

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Let's be honest, Ted tended to not be the most exciting friend on Earth. Barney and Marshall, however, were never boring. When they began to work at Goliath National Bank together, the friendship blossomed even more than it had before -- the pranks were golden, and every moment between these two was heartfelt and hilarious. And of course, there’s the infamous Slap Bet.


3. Sam and Castiel, Supernatural

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Everyone talks about Dean and Castiel, but barely anyone discusses the friendship between Sam and Castiel -- the true bromance of the series. Dean and Castiel may have their bond, but when Sam and Castiel head out together, magic happens. Samstiel for life.

4. Damon and Bonnie, The Vampire Diaries

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Bon Bon and Damon began as mortal enemies, and now they have the purest cinnamon roll friendship in the world. Their old lady bickering always makes for a good time, and the time they spent trapped together in a prison world was a highlight of the series.

5. Morgan and Casey, Chuck

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Who'd have thought a nerdy little fool like Morgan would become close friends with a hardened army man like Casey? It was completely unexpected, actually, and made for some of the most ridiculous moments in the show's five-year run.

6. The Doctor and Rory, Doctor Who


Rory was the friend The Doctor really needed, because Rory wasn't afraid to call The Doctor out and bring him back down to earth. Yes, Amy was The Doctor's ~appointed~ best friend, Rory needs to be given more credit.

7. Keith and Cliff, Veronica Mars

Warner Bros. / Via

Veronica and Wallace were the definition of friendship, but Veronica's father was also rocking an amazing friendship with cheesy lawyer Cliff. Cliff and Keith were always on point with their jokes, and even more on point with their crazy adventures.

8. Abed and Annie, Community

Sony / Via

No one is better than Troy and Abed -- NO ONE -- but Annie was always there by Abed's side as well. After Troy left Annie stood by Abed and fought paintball battles bravely together. Abed and Annie were always Cool. CoolCoolCool.

9. Helena and Donnie, Orphan Black

BBC America / Via

This friendship has only just begun, and already is strong like a baby ox. We can only hope that we can see many more Helena and Donnie outings in the next season.

10. And finally, Doyle and Angel, Angel

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This friendship is often overlooked, probably because it was so short-lived. Doyle's death was heartbreaking, and you could see what it did to Angel. Angel would form special bonds with other characters on the series, but Doyle will never be forgotten.

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