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    10 Modern Day Villains Who Stole The Spotlight From The Heroes

    They just make being bad look so good.

    1. Loki, “Thor”

    Marvel / Via

    Does this even need explanation? He’s the ultimate example of villains stealing the spotlight. Sometimes you wonder why they even call the movies “Thor” since we all know who the real star is.

    2. Klaus Mikaelson, “The Vampire Diaries/The Originals”

    Warner Bros. / Via

    Back in the good old days of “The Vampire Diaries” the villains were dynamic and charming. Klaus charmed the pants, quite literally in some cases, off the fans and characters. He was so dynamic it earned him a spinoff; of course it would be his brother Elijah that would truly steal our hearts, though I’ll never acknowledge him as a villain.

    3. Oswald ‘The Penguin’ Cobblepot, “Gotham”

    DC / Via

    There’s so much to say about the breakout star of the DC series, but to put it simply he’s deliciously villainous. You can’t help but feel for the pale little man and find yourself rooting for him. All this love is because of the man behind the character, Robin Lord Taylor, who is Emmy worthy in my opinion.

    4. Jim Moriarty, “Sherlock”

    BBC / Via

    Moriarty has been around for a long time, but Andrew Scott’s brilliant portrayal of the literary criminal mastermind sent his popularity skyrocketing. He’s devious, he’s cruel and he’s just plain brilliant.

    5. Crowley, “Supernatural”

    Warner Bros. / Via

    Okay, maybe he doesn’t totally steal the spotlight from the Winchester brothers, but you can’t deny his devilishly honest personality. There’s a reason he’s outlasted all other “Supernatural” big bads, because the fans love him.

    6. Boyd Crowder, “Justified”

    FX / Via

    For six seasons Raylan Givens tried to do his best by the law, but damned if I wasn’t rooting for the charming crime lord Boyd the entire time. His overtaking came easy from episode one onward because of Walton Goggins excellent performance.

    7. Regina Mills, “Once Upon a Time”

    ABC Studios / Via

    A villain so dynamic she transformed into the shows main hero. Now that’s a damn good villain. To date, even as a hero finally getting the happiness she deserves, she remains to be the best part of the Disney themed series.

    8. Sylar, “Heroes”

    NBC / Via

    Remember how after season one “Heroes” decreased in quality? Remember how you still watched it for Zachary Quinto’s fantastic character anyways? So do the rest of us.

    9. Grant Ward, “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”

    Marvel / Via

    Ward is beloved by a large group of the Marvel fan base; many stand with Ward at every turn. His deplorable acts have only gotten worse, but his hold on the fans has gotten stronger. Now, personally I’m over it which is why that midseason finale ending was pleasant for me.

    10. Kilgrave, “Jessica Jones”

    Marvel / Via

    Let’s get one thing straight, Kilgrave is an unforgivable man who you should not be rooting for in any way. And the fans weren’t, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t steal every scene thanks to David Tennant’s incredible, disgustingly creepy performance.

    Future spotlight thief: Negan, “The Walking Dead”

    AMC / Via

    He’s already the most popular threat faced by the Grimes Gang in the comic book series and once he hits the screen next season he’s bound to steal the show. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an incredible casting choice; he will without a doubt knock it out of the damn park and leave you saying ‘Governor who?’