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13 Pets That Don't Want You To Travel

Business or pleasure? Neither, if these cats and dogs have anything to say about it.

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"Why are you leaving me?"

"I'm going to work the puppy-dog eyes and convince you to stay."

Don Burkett / Via Flickr: dtburkett

"Good luck moving this suitcase with me on top of it."

"I'm packed. My bags are tagged. LET'S DO THIS."

"Maybe you should have bought me a bigger suitcase when planning this vacation."

"I'll let you go if we can discuss my souvenir first."

"You thought you could leave without me? FOOLS."

"You're not moving me! YOU. ARE. NOT. MOVING. ME."

"So, do you want to call a cab or should I?"

"Really? You're going with these pants? That seems like a fashion DON'T."

"Come on in, bud! There's plenty of room for both of us to be stowaways."

"Well well well, you think you can go on a trip without me? Then, you can enjoy all of my lovely hair on everything you wear while you're gone. HAVE FUN, HUMAN."

"I am one with the clothes. I am one with the clothes. You do not see me, and you will bring me with you without knowing it. Listen to the sound of my voice. I am one with the clothes."

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