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28 Things Every Socially Awkward Person Hates

Whatever you do, don't look at me in the eyes.

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1. Stop and chats.

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Running into someone you haven't seen since high school and they want to know about everything you've been doing for the last 6 years. "Nope, sorry! I'm busy, I have to finish watching this new series on Netflix! Nice to see you though!"


5. People who are chronically late.

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You've lost count of all the times you've arrived early and had to wait 15+ minutes for everyone to show up; awkwardly sitting in your car trying not to look creepy or pretending to look busy on your phone while waiting in the café.

8. Ordering food.


Despite frequenting a diner or coffee shop, you still have to mentally prepare yourself before ordering food. And that means practicing what you're going to order before you even walk inside.


16. Strangers who start telling you their life story.

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Thank you for telling me all about your health problems, and especially about your niece Diane and what she wore to her prom! *Note to self: never initiate eye contact*

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