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24 Signs You Belong In A Different Time Period

Do you constantly find yourself daydreaming about living in another decade? Don't worry, you're not alone.

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1. You watch TCM religiously.

RKO/Paramount / Via

2. With that being said, part of you dies every time you hear someone your age say they don't watch classic films because they're in black and white.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

*Loads gun*

3. You bury yourself in Victorian novels.

*Finishes book, takes a long walk in the countryside*

4. You despise remakes of any kind.

5. Everyone you've ever been in love with is dead or 60+ years old.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

George WHO-ney? It's all about Cary Grant, William Powell, and so many other men...

6. Your favorite stations on Pandora include The Andrews Sisters, Django Reinhardt, The Foundations, etc.

United Artists

*Puts stereo on full blast when "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" comes on*

*Gets stares from other drivers*

*Smug face intensifies*

7. You've seen every episode of I Love Lucy.


8. History classes were always your favorite subject in school.

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

9. You're a boss when it comes to trivia pertaining to the roaring '20s.

Warner Bros.

10. You still write letters on a typewriter.

11. And listen to music on a record player.

Focus Features / Via

Because that's still the best way to listen to anything.

12. You use phrases like "That's the bees knees!"

AMC / Via

13. And you're always confused at some of the modern catchphrases.


YOLO? What in God's name?

14. Everyone has always described you as having an old soul.

20th Century Fox / Via

And you're OK with that.

15. You've attended at least one swing dancing class.


Although you're not the best dancer, you keep coming back for more swing dancing because twerking is just horrifying.

16. When you discover a speakeasy in your city it becomes your new designated hangout spot.


17. Old cinemas make your heart flutter.

Paramount / Via

18. You love getting lost in any museum.

Columbia Films

*Finally visits The Louvre*

*Instantly has a heart attack*

19. Thrift shops are your best friend.

Warner Bros. / Via

You never know what treasures you'll find inside.

20. You have no regrets wearing vintage apparel whilst out and about.

Paramount / Via

Why yes, I am wearing this handmade vintage dress out while shopping for groceries. And your problem is?

21. You're always dreaming about traveling back to different eras in history.

Universal Pictures

And maybe deciding to stay there permanently.

22. You've thought about splurging on a vintage automobile.

Rex Features / Via

23. You love asking your grandparents about how life was in the '30s and '40s.

24. Despite feeling lost in this day and age, yearning for the past has helped you find a whole new appreciation for modern technology, health care, and ways of life in general.

United Artists / Via

We'll always have Paris. Well, kind of.

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