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23 Pleasing Things Every Shy Person Loves

Do you hear that? It's called silence.

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1. When you don't have to talk to anyone.

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*Purposely sits in the back of class so that no one will talk to you*

2. The beauty of solitude.

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Sometimes people confuse you with being an introvert and it doesn't even bother you.

3. Avoiding the spotlight at all costs.

Disney/Pixar / Via

*Gets nominated for an Academy Award*

*Doesn't show up to the ceremony in case of actually winning to avoid being in front of the audience*

4. Being a writer.

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Even though you know what you want to say, verbally expressing yourself is challenging sometimes. Thank God for writing though, it's usually your go to way of getting all of your thoughts out successfully.

5. When you have the opportunity to be a listener in any conversation.

Warner Bros. / Via

You mean, I don't have to say anything? Or try to think of something witty to say while other people are talking? AW YEAH.

6. When you were scheduled to present a project to a group of peers but the professor canceled class.

CBS / Via

*Puts on shades, walks away from flames*

7. Adding alcohol to any occasion.

NBC / Via

I don't usually like to go clubbing, but when I do it's when I take full advantage of $3 martinis during happy hour.

8. Coming off as mysterious to people because they're always trying to figure out why you're so quiet.


9. People watching.

Comedy Central / Via

You love watching people and trying to figure out what kind of person they are, what kind of conversations you'd have with them, and what their likes/dislikes are. Highly entertaining.

10. Enjoying the time you have to explore your imagination.

Cartoon Network / Via

11. Any kind of art form.

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Be it going to the cinema, reading a book, or critiquing a piece of art; it all helps you to escape from reality.

12. Whoever invented texting.

13. And the magic that is sending emails.

CW / Via

14. The comfort of close friends and family.

New Line Cinema / Via

15. Online dating.


*Doesn't have to respond to everyone that messages you*

*Gets a chance to speak with someone before meeting them in person*

*Does a million cartwheels*

16. And definitely the internet.

Warner Bros. / Via

*Spends hours falling into the abyss that is Tumblr*

17. When the professor decides to have a lecture day instead of interrogating everyone about the week's lesson.

ABC / Via

18. When you don't have to go around the room introducing yourself on the first day of class.

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"Before I start going over the syllabus, I'd love to go around the room and hear an interesting fact about every--"


19. Making an excuse to avoid a social gathering.

Paramount / Via

"I'm so sorry, I can't come tonight. My cat is REALLY sick and I have to keep watch over her."

20. Leaving parties early.

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"Ugh, man. I have to be up early tomorrow for work. Sorry."

*Goes home and watches Netflix until 3am*

21. Animals.

United Artists / Via

The sight of a cat or dog at a party gives you life. You'll definitely be hanging out with the host's pets for the rest of the night.

22. Successfully avoiding someone you may know in public.

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23. Learning to embrace your shyness and accepting it as part of your awesome self.

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