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    23 Annoyances All Impatient People Know To Be True

    No, we don't like to wait. For anything.

    1. When you send an important email and you check your inbox every five minutes for a response.

    2. When it has been over a week and you still haven't received said response.

    3. When you see that someone has read your text message and they didn't immediately respond.

    4. When you have to wait another year for the next season of your favorite show.

    5. When you've been anticipating a film to come out all year but you still have to wait three more months for it.

    6. When you go into a store and see that the checkout line is about to reach out the door.

    7. When the whole city seems to be stuck in one big traffic jam.

    8. When all of your friends are running late.

    9. When you go to a restaurant and you've been waiting for your food for what feels like an eternity.

    10. When you wish your indecisive friends would just hurry up and figure out what they want.

    11. When your flight is delayed an extra three hours.

    12. When you burn your tongue on hot food because you couldn't wait for it to cool down.

    13. When you're put on hold, forced to listen to cringe-worthy music, and no one ever picks up the phone after that.

    14. When you get trapped behind groups of slow walkers on the sidewalk.

    15. When you're forced to stop at a yellow light because the person in front of you decided to slow down.

    16. When the car in front of you decides to drive below the speed limit.

    17. When you go in for a 9 a.m. doctor's appointment but you're still sitting in the waiting room an hour later.

    18. When your grandfather decides to get an iPhone and you're stuck teaching him how to send text messages.

    19. When you have a work deadline and your computer isn't cooperating.

    20. When you've been waiting all week for an important package to arrive.

    21. When one of your professors hasn't graded your midterm paper yet and your final is next week.

    22. When you're sitting in the movie theater waiting for the film to begin.

    23. When all you want to do is drink tea but the water is taking ages to boil.