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22 Problems Every Hopeless Romantic Will Understand

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

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1. You get far too invested in the love lives of fictional characters.

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Though a fictional couple may be the OTP to end all OTPs, you still love shipping characters from the same work with different people from numerous books/films. It's all very stressful.


19. Your heart breaks when you discover that your favorite celebrity crush has broken up with their significant other.

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Yet it somehow fuels you with hope because...maybe you're the one for them?! *Drives to LA*

22. If it seems like your dating life is truly hopeless, the thought that you'll one day find your true love keeps you going.

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That definitely won't stop you from watching When Harry Met Sally for the hundredth time and re-reading all of your favorite romance novels. C'est la vie, no?

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