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21 Thoughts Every Shopper Has On Black Friday

Shopping carts at the ready!

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1. "Whoa, these people have been waiting here for how long?"

Universal / Via

2. "Is all of this really worth it for the 50% off Keurig?"

3. "Deciding to come to Wal-Mart was a bad choice."

Fox/Netflix / Via

4. "Yup, he's definitely going to get trampled in a second if he doesn't get up."

Disney / Via

5. "Next year we're not going anywhere."

Working Title Films / Via

6. "Oh baby, look at all the Blu-Ray films on sale!"

New Line Cinema / Via

7. "Why is everyone running?!"

Lionsgate / Via

8. "That woman just pushed a child out of the way to grab a doll..."

Columbia Pictures/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

9. "Sir, how many flat screen TV's do you really need?"

New Line Cinema / Via

10. "Wait, is the world actually ending now? Because it looks like there's about to be a riot."

Nickelodeon / Via

11. "I can barely breathe moving through these aisles."

DreamWorks / Via

12. "A guy just got punched in the face! I've never seen a fight in person before..."

Disney / Via

13. "Someone just sneezed all over those appliances..."

14. "And on the one we came here to this has turned into a life or death situation. Honey, where's the sanitizer bottle?"

Paramount / Via

15. "That couple is just putting everything from the shelf in their shopping cart..."

NBC / Via

16. "Great, there's no parking. I guess we can go back home."

17. "The stuff isn't going anywhere! You can come back another day to buy it!"

NBC / Via

18. "And now the endless waiting in the checkout line begins."

Paramount / Via

19. "Where did that woman find all those damn coupons?"

BBC / Via

20. "I'm so happy I don't work in retail."

NBC / Via

21. "There's something called Cyber Monday? And I don't even need to leave my house?"

Warner Bros. / Via

*Abandons shopping cart in the middle of the store, goes home*

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