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20 Signs You're Ready For The Holiday Season To Begin

Christmas is coming.

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1. You start listening to Christmas music in September.


*Puts Spotify playlist on private, jams away*

2. You watch Love Actually religiously until December 25th.


3. Followed by binge-watching all of your other favorite holiday films.

20th Century Fox

4. Yes, it's only October, but you still burst into excitement seeing Christmas decorations at any store.

New Line Cinema

It's never too early for Christmas!

5. You have a Christmas countdown going on year-round.


6. You start thinking about what presents you're going to get your friends and family months before the special day.

Disney / Via

7. Aside from Christmas, obviously, Black Friday is one of your favorite days of the year.

Comedy Central / Via

8. You decorate your house the day after Thanksgiving.

Buena Vista Pictures

9. And you keep those decorations up well after the New Year.


*Forever in denial Christmas is over*

10. You live for the moment when Starbucks releases their signature holiday drinks.

Flickr: emmastory / Creative Commons

11. Not to mention how you freak out when Starbucks starts using those beautiful red cups.

Flickr: jameswarwick / Creative Commons

12. You eagerly await finally being able to dress your pets up for the holidays again.

13. And wear your fashionable Christmas sweaters.

Miramax / Universal

14. You can't wait to drag your reluctant family members around the city as you embrace all of the Christmas activities.

New Line Cinema

15. Your home is forever filled with the scent of Christmas candles.

16. You're always dreaming of a white Christmas.

Disney / Via

17. You have no shame for the amount of enthusiasm you have for the holidays.


Judge away!

18. You don't know how you'd live without the deliciousness that is peppermint bark.

Flickr: shakethesky / Creative Commons

19. You started a separate Tumblr solely dedicated to documenting different holiday-themed recipes and craft ideas.

Flickr: break_of_day / Creative Commons

20. The thought of being able to spend cherished time with loved ones during the holidays makes all of the anticipation worth it.


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