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    20 Important Life Lessons “A Christmas Story” Has Taught Us

    “Oooh fuuudge!"

    1. Sometimes your parents actually know what they're talking about.

    2. And BB guns are not to be confused with toys.

    3. Even if you don't quite get what you want for Christmas, your parents will always be there for you.

    4. Life is always full of those special surprises.

    5. Radio commercials are a big joke.

    6. There is no such thing as too many layers.

    7. Santa is not to be trusted.

    8. Always back down from the notorious triple dog dare.

    9. Have confidence and stand up for yourself.

    10. It's best that you never curse in front of your parents.

    11. Don't leave the door open when you're preparing a delicious Christmas feast.

    12. There's nothing wrong with improvising Christmas dinner either.

    13. It taught us how to say a few worlds in Italian.

    14. And the importance of winning a major award.

    15. Soap poisoning can ruin your future.

    16. Daydreaming is an acceptable way to pass the time.

    17. It's okay if you don't like the gifts you receive from distant relatives.

    18. Don't try to prank your teacher.

    19. It takes a lot of patience when setting up Christmas decorations and going shopping for presents.

    20. And finally, there's nothing more important than family.