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14 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Set Up Christmas Decorations

'Tis the season for frustration and woe.

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1. When you have to dig deep into your dusty attic to find all of the Christmas decorations.

20th Century Fox / Via

There are so many spider webs up here...I swear if I see just one spid--WHAT DID I JUST TOUCH?

2. As you start to unload all the boxes, you get angry at your past self for making everything so unorganized.

NBC / Via

This year I better put everything back in the correct boxes.

3. When you open up the ornament box and discover that most of them are broken.

Universal / Via

4. Then you also find out that your favorite ornaments have disappeared.

Cartoon Network / Via

Where the hell did they go?

5. When you realize you have way too much Christmas stuff.

NBC / Via

And you start to wonder how you were ever able to put everything up within one day last year.

6. Quickly getting annoyed at your parents because they're so picky about where certain decorations go.


IT'S A SNOWMAN! It doesn't have to go in the same spot every year! C'mon, Mom!

7. Desperately needing to take a break as soon as you start decorating.

8. No matter how many times you've set up the tree, putting it together every year is like solving a complex puzzle.

Fox / Via

Wait, it said this part goes in second? But it doesn't fit? This is worse than setting up furniture from IKEA.

9. If you buy a real tree, it's even more difficult trying to find one that is worth your money.

CBS / Via

And isn't already falling apart.

10. Accidentally buying a tree that doesn't fit in your living room.

Warner Bros. / Via


11. When you get caught in the Christmas lights as you're trying to untangle them.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

12. When you feel the urge to eat a candy cane from storage even though you know it's more than a year old.

Nickelodeon / Via

Just one taste...


13. After you finally finish setting up everything outside, you turn on the light switch to discover that more than half of the lights don't work.

Warner Bros. / Via

It looks like the inflatable snowman is also forever melted. I guess it's time to buy more stuff...the circle of life continues...

14. Alas, when the task of setting up Christmas decorations is completed, all the thoughts of murder and annoyance towards your family is forgotten.

Disney / Via

It makes you love the holiday season just a little bit more. After all, isn't it all about those cherished moments we spend together?

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