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Here's Why You Need To Watch "Block Party" On Demand

Find me with popcorn in hand, ready for this Juneteenth classic.

Listen up, party people! Block Party is available on demand July 5, so if you missed it in theaters you can still watch! Check out the trailer for this BuzzFeed Studios release here:

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It's also streaming now on BET+!

Did you watch the trailer? Okay, now that we are all caught up, let's get into why you should check out Block Party on a screen near you.

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First, there's this:

Blockbusters dominate theaters these days, but we need to support indie creators and if you want to see a great movie in theaters this Wednesday, please check out Block Party. You won't be disappointed. https://t.co/gRVa4AMShc #blockpartymovie

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Block Party is billed as the first Juneteenth family comedy, and it's bringing "good ole-fashioned family barbecue" vibes just in time for the holiday!

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Not enough people know about Juneteenth, and that's where Block Party comes into play. The movie is about a family's annual Juneteenth block party in Grand Rapids, Michigan (where it was filmed).

Gign that reads: '40th annual summer sizzle this juneteenth!', woman in hospital gown and bonnet, and people in a barbershop

It stars Antoinette Robertson from Dear White People, and I'll say it again: I was elated to see her step out of a supporting role and into the main-character role she deserves!

Antoinette Robertson outside talking to someone off camera

Not to mention a whole reunion with all of these familiar faces and Hollywood legends popping up on the screen! Let me just name a few: Margaret Avery, Golden Brooks, John Amos, Gary Anthony Williams, comedian Luenell, and Bill Cobbs.

Hometown romantic storyline? Tick, we've got that that too.

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Have I convinced you yet? Just in case I haven't, just know that Block Party was written, produced, and directed by two Black women. I think that right there takes the cake.

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So are we coming together and watching Block Party as a family? Check this link to get it on demand. Happy summer!

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