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10 Sure Signs That You're From Mumbai

It's loud, it's smelly, it's crowded. But it's Mumbai, meri jaan.

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2. You're all too familiar with travelling in super packed local trains.

Kaustav Bhattacharya / Via Flickr: astrolondon

Seriously, they're so packed that you could fall asleep standing and still remain safely vertical. Not that it’s safe to fall asleep in the train, because your wallet will probably get nicked.

3. A large portion of your sustenance comes from street food.

captive sight / Via Flickr: vidyamurugan

Mumbaikars would probably rank #1 if there was a list of populations with the best immune system, because of the amount of street crap they regularly consume. Bring on the pani puri and dosa!

4. You're used to the crazy showers and floods every monsoon.

Thomas Leuthard / Via Flickr: thomasleuthard

Come June, every Mumbaikar sensibly goes shopping for waterproof footwear and tucks their mobile phones into little plastic packets.

7. 90% of your clothing, shoes, and accessories are from Colaba Causeway or Linking Road.

amrut / Via Flickr: soulshooter

You insist that you get the coolest and most "unique" stuff there, even though you probably bumped into someone wearing the same scarf yesterday at college.

9. You know that Bombay is divided into three parts.


People who live south of Bandra are the townies, those who live between Bandra and Borivali are the suburbans, and those who live in Vasai are sick of not being considered Mumbaikars.

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