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To Hell With Men

Happy New Years Still!!

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    Baby New Year Bringing in a brand new year
    Without confetti and noisy cheer
    In a hospital, eyes closed tight
    Squeezing legs with all my might
    Trying to hold this baby in
    Five more minutes, new year begins Lots of presents, lots of glitter
    Stand to lose, if I birth this critter
    Holding tight, contractions strong
    Have been at it all night long
    I am tired and ready to scream
    How I wish this were a dream I won't do this, I change my mind
    I want to go home, this should be a crime
    A woman should never, have to do this
    To hell with men, this isn't worth it
    To think this started with a touch
    Groped in the night a bit too much To think he had the nerve to do this
    Climb on top, with hardly a kiss
    He thinks soon he will get laid
    When hell freezes, that will be the day
    Happy New Year and all of that crap
    Push baby out, and call it a wrap Baby all wrinkly, looks like a prune
    Tiny fingers and a soft croon
    In love with little boy
    Not worth with holding, for free baby toys
    Had I squeezed him out five minutes ago
    This hell would be over, the end of this show by Renee Robinson