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The Dark Knight Rises movie is coming... You can almost feel the excitement in the air. And even though this time Bane is the main villain, millions of Batman’s fans focus on the sexiest villain – Selina Kyle – better known as Catwoman. The Dark Knight Rises movie premiere is a good excuse to compare Catwoman from all the Batman movies and series and find out which one is the sexiest of all time.

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Catwoman: this sexy, dangerous and mysterious character, first appeared on the silver screens way back in the 1960s TV series called Batman (which was hilarious by today’s standards – just look at the picture below). Since then, she was played by six different actresses. This gives us a nice opportunity to compare them all and decide with one is the sexiest.

I won’t decide which the sexiest Catwoman was. I will leave this decision to you. All you need to do is share your opinion with all the readers by commenting under the article.

Six CatwomenBe honest with me – you did not know there were any other Catwoman besides Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway and Michelle Pfeiffer, right? I surely didn’t. I totally forgot about the Batman series from the 1960s.Now I have done my research and I know them all. All six of them. Maybe after seeing them and reading this article you will do a little research yourself? There are a lot of funny and entertaining movie clips with those actresses portraying Catwoman, and you might get really surprised by what you would find.

1. Julie NewmarFirst and original Catwoman. She appeared on the silver screen in 1966 and played her role through the first two seasons of the Batman series. Julie Newmar played in many other movies and TV series, she was also a dancer and a singer, had a photo session for Playboy in 1968. Still, she is best recognized and remembered as Selina “Catwoman” Kyle.

2. Eartha KittThe Batman series run for three seasons form 1966 to 1969. And in the third season a new Catwoman burst onto the scene. Back then, Eartha Kitt was a famous singer with some hits. She was also the first black Catwoman, so forget about Halle Berry breaking the stereotype of Selina Kyle being white. Kitt did it first.She played in just few episodes, but still made her mark on the Batman franchise. What do you think about her Catwoman? Is she sexier than Halle Berry’s?

3. Lee MeriwetherBetween the first and second series of Batman, by the end of year 1966, Batman: The Movie was made. It was supposed to co-star Julie Newmar, but reportedly she hurt her back and was unable to do the feature film. This situation gave us the third Catwoman – played by Lee Meriwether who went on to play Lisa Carson character in the second season of Batman series.Sometimes accidents happen and we say it call it “karma”. I think you can say it was “karma” and Lee was supposed to bring the world a new, more dangerous and absolutely gorgeous Catwoman. Was she a better Selina Kyle than Julie Newmar? It is hard to tell. Was she a sexier Catwoman? In my humble opinion - yes.What do you think?

4. Michelle PfeifferWe finally come to catwomen we all know and remember. First of them: the fruit of Tim Burton’s imagination. A Catwoman, who is every fetishist’s dream, who seems to be brought straight from an S&M sex session or god knows what!Hmm… maybe that is the point? Pale complexion, aggressively red lips, leathery outfit and sharp fangs… A deadly combination. Many claim there will never be a sexier Catwoman. How about you? Do you think Michelle Pfeiffer is the sexiest Catwoman ever?

5. Halle BerryThe only Catwoman who received any awards for her role… Unfortunately, those were anti-awards. Halle Berry received the Golden Raspberry for the worst actress. The movie Catwoman also “won” the “awards” for the worst movie, worst director and worst screenplay. Quite an accomplishment wouldn’t you say? Oh! And comic fans also call Catwoman the worst movie adaptation of a comic book ever.Whatever you think about the movie, you can’t tell me you didn’t find Halle Berry’s Selina super sexy. I just won’t believe you. The producers went all out making the actress wear a definitely too revealing outfit. Lucky for all male fans (and many female fans as well).Is it possible? Was Halle Berry the worst and at the same time the sexiest Catwoman?

6. Anne HathawayWe are going to appreciate her performance in a matter of days, when The Dark Knight Rises hits the theaters. However we don’t need to watch the movie to include Anne Hathaway in our list. We already have seen the trailers, the official photos and posters. We know what she brings to the table. She is definitely a different kind of Catwoman than any we have seen before.Is she better, sexier? That is a hard question. There is a lot less of a cat in her. For me she is more a “foxy” character ;-) But she is still stunning... No doubt about that…

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